Non-Profit Tax Filing in California

Filing annual taxes is a complicated endeavor for anyone. For nonprofits especially there are specific criteria and nonprofit tax filing standards that must be observed to maintain your 501(c)(3) designation. Non-Profit-World will help ensure your organization meets them, regardless of what state you operate in or the size of your organization.

If you need to file a nonprofit tax return for the IRS, or in California, or in any other state, contact us right away. We’ll provide you with tax preparation and consulting services to ensure your filing is error-free and you remain in good standing.

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IRS and State Tax Exemption Applications

To become a tax-exempt organization, you need to file documents at the state and federal levels. This includes incorporation, a state tax exemption form, the IRS tax exemption application, and registration with the Attorney General. We help you complete each of these essential steps, to ensure your organization is recognized as a nonprofit, tax-exempt entity

Tax Preparation and Filing

Just because you’re tax exempt doesn’t mean you’re exempt from filing tax returns! Nonprofits need to file annually, which means working with a nonprofit tax professional to ensure your returns are completed accurately and filed timely. We have decades of experience of nonprofit tax preparation and can prepare and file taxes for nonprofits in any state. Whether you’re a smaller nonprofit that requires the annual e-postcard (Form 990-N) or a larger entity that requires more complex returns, we’re here to help

Nonprofit Tax Consulting

Tax planning is important. If you’re looking to maintain the 501(c)(3) status of your organization and need help meeting and understanding nonprofit guidelines, contact us. We’ll make sure your organization stays true to its nonprofit designation and that your standing with state and federal tax agencies stays intact.

File Your Taxes with Confidence

Even nonprofits need to file taxes! When the time comes to get yours prepared and filed, do it with confidence. Contact Non-Profit-World today at 831-423-2323 to discuss everything from setting up your tax exempt status, to maintaining it through diligent filing practices.