Non-Profit Startup Help in California

Non-Profit-World provides step-by-step, complete nonprofit start up assistance to nonprofits incorporating in California and across all 50 states. We’ve been assisting nonprofits for about 30 years, and we deliver quick, meticulous and user-friendly help as you incorporate. It’s why we have a 100% success rate in achieving tax exemptions for our clients!

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Registering Your Nonprofit

Ready to organize as a 501(c)(3) organization? We can help! We provide complete entry into the nonprofit sector, including all the steps required to gain state and federal tax-exempt status.

In addition to the “hand-holding” required to make sure everything goes smoothly from the beginning, we also provide you with plenty of education. Our goal is to educate you throughout the process so you feel confident and knowledgeable at the helm of your new nonprofit.

Our breadth of services ensures you’re completely assisted in setting up 501(c)(3) corporations.

  • Filing articles of incorporation
  • Obtaining state and federal tax exemption
  • Obtaining a valid tax ID number
  • Establishing and documenting bylaws
  • Registration with the State Attorney General
  • In addition to assistance with each critical step, we also provide you with a custom binder filled with valuable resources and lots of guidance along the way. When we’re finished, you won’t just be incorporated, you’ll be confident.

Why Register as a Nonprofit?

Wondering what the benefits of operating as a nonprofit organization are? Here are some of the reasons entities choose to incorporate as a 501(c)(3):

  • Your nonprofit will be exempt from state and federal income tax
  • Your nonprofit may qualify for exemption from property tax
  • You’ll be able to receive gifts and grants not available to businesses and individuals
  • Donations to your nonprofit will be tax-deductible (charitable contributions)
  • You’ll be able to provide employee benefits (health insurance and retirement plans)
  • You’ll gain a clearer sense of identity, purpose and altruism as a nonprofit organization
  • You’ll qualify for special nonprofit bulk mailing rates (and even discounted rental rates)
  • Limited liability if legal action is brought against your nonprofit or if it falls into debt
  • Your nonprofit remains in existence even if you no longer maintain your connection to it

Join the Nonprofit Sector Today!

Non-Profit-World has helped nonprofits find their footing for more than three decades.
If you’re ready to dive into the nonprofit sector, contact us today at 831-423-2323 to make sure you’re doing it the right way. With affordable fees and invaluable insights, we’re the authority on setting up 501(c)(3) corporations in California and all 50 states.