Non-Profit Start-Up Help in San Jose, CA

Launching a non-profit organization in the US has never been a walk in the park. Making simple mistakes can result in significant effects that may eventually cripple your idea even before establishment. But even after setting it up successfully, you need the skills to deal with the state and federal laws on compliance and running as a tax-exempt organization.

Well, all this could be overwhelming, especially for someone who is just getting started for the first time. Fortunately, our company—Non-Profit-World—has been offering these services for 30+ years now. We have mastered the ins and outs of non-profit start-up, remaining compliant, and managing taxation.

Non-Profit Start-up Help in San Jose, CA

Josh Wagner, the founder, Non-Profit-World, has demonstrated a history of success in the non-profit start-up ecosystem for over 30 years. Currently, he teaches the same niche at Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz County. He will hold your hand and show you the dos and don’ts of this industry, to evade losses.

Non-Profit Start-up

Even before considering the amount needed, you need to develop core values and a draft of what you hope to establish. After that, research and create a budget plus ways to raise the cash if the available amount is insufficient—even if it is through fundraisers.

Non-Profit Registration

The registration process depends on whether the non-profit organization is a public charity, private foundation, or a private operating foundation. But generally, after naming your start-up, you need to form a board to help draft bylaws and then file your incorporation paperwork.


Use the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form 1023 to apply for tax exemption. We highly advise you to apply within the first 27 months after filing articles of incorporation (charter).

Non-Profit Incorporation

It is the actual process of filing your articles of incorporation with the governing body, such as your state’s business registration department. Incorporation also comes with some filing fee, which lies between USD 20 and USD 100 in most states.

Non-Profit Compliance in San Jose, CA

The federal and state laws regulate the operations of non-profits to ensure they operate within the confines of the set measures. That ensures they do not abuse the freedom accorded to them for inappropriate engagements such as abusing their tax exemption freedom.

Non-Profit Compliance

Before they are authorized, non-profit organizations must submit details of the company earnings and expenditure through the Form 990 series. Failure to observe the requirements could lead to serious effects like a revocation or a daily fine of up to USD 20.

Government Compliance

Be sure to adhere to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as issued by the federal government. You ill also notice that different states have adopted other unique compliance measures. When it comes to fundraisers outside engaging people from other states, these laws also issue guidelines for doing that.

Education on Non-Profit Restrictions

When getting started, it is good to have all tips right at hand. And, that forms part of what we do at Non-Profit-World. We equip start-ups with in-depth knowledge to help them have all their documents approved for a smooth launch.

Further Consultations

The knowledge needed in this process is quite diverse. Therefore, you may need information about strategic planning, board and staff training, and facilitation of other activities.

Non-Profit Tax Filing in San Jose, CA

Even though non-profit organizations are exempted from paying tax, they must always file tax returns every year with the IRS. That includes sharing their incomes and expenses throughout the financial year—using Form 990.

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Do you need help getting your Non-Profit Start-up incorporated in San Jose, CA?

In case you have been wondering how to get your start-up up and running, our start-up services could be your ultimate solution. With over 30 years of industry experience, training, and coaching, you can be sure our services will be worth your buck!

Non-Profit Start-up FAQs

Even after addressing all that, perhaps you still have some doubts that need quick answers. So, here are some of the common questions we encounter every day.

  • What types of non-profits can you help with?
    Whether it is a public charity, private foundation, or a private operating foundation, we can help. Our team is well-versed with all the details you may need to set up and run your organization smoothly.
  • Can you help with tax preparation?
    Apart from offering one-on-one assistance in filing the tax returns, we offer advice, guidance, and ways to prepare before the actual filing.
  • Can you provide education through the entire process?
    YES, we do.
    Our founder has been coaching and training students on this process at Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz. He has also delivered the same via radio and TV program
  • Why Register as a Non-Profit?
    There are a couple of reasons you may want to register your brand as a non-profit. That includes separating entity status, protect limited liabilities, and gain access to grants. However, the primary benefit is the tax exemption.