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    Check Our References

    Non Profit World (aka PlanRight) has served its non profit clients for about 30 years. Read what some clients say about their experience with us:

    "I've used Josh for years, and always found him extremely prompt, efficient, courteous and fair in his billing. I'm pleased to recommend his services without reservation."

    Tom Miller, Senior Attorney
    Miller & Ngo, PLC
    Oakland, California

    "PlanRight is an extremely professionally run business. We have been Josh Wagner's clients for 15 years and he has never disappointed us by keeping us on track with the 501(c)(3) he manages for us. His charges are reasonable. The IRS has never questioned our submissions and this is due to Josh's expertise. He is 'top drawer'; you cannot go wrong with his services."

    A. Paul Kelly, M.D. and Beverly Baker-Kelly, Esq., Ph.D.
    King-Drew Dermatology Fund

    "We couldn't have set up our non profit foundation without Josh Wagner's expertise and services. He has helped us help thousands of people around the world with mental health challenges. Josh has stuck by our side since 1997. [We] continue to thrive because of his knowledge, help and kindness."

    Prof. James Callner MA
    President, The Awareness Foundation for OCD & Related Disorders

    We also received an email from a person we provided free information to via email:
    "What an amazing help you've been to me. I really appreciate you giving me that info. I was completely at a loss on what to do next, and at least with this, my wheels are turning a bit. I appreciate your generosity. I will have you in mind as I make my next attempt at exempt status, and if I get stuck I will certainly be looking to engage your services for additional help.  ---Best Regard, RC

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    A side word of caution: Some "boiler-plate" corporate start-up services claim to offer full non profit services as well. We've seen some of their work and had to drastically correct it in order for it to be approved by the IRS.

    Buyer beware: some of these firms (even if they use the word "charity" or "legal" in their title) DO NOT know what it takes to complete the entire non profit start-up process.

    Choose a non profit specialist instead!