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    Upcoming classes:
    Our upcoming classes will take place on Saturday, February 9th, and Monday, March 11th, 2019, at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz County.

    The classes are entitled, respectively, "Starting Your Own Nonprofit" and "Nonprofit Compliance Made Easy."

    Click here for complete descriptions and registration information (links are on the left-hand side of the page).

    What are the classes about?
    "Starting Your Own Nonprofit" (Feb. 9) provides an overview of the advantages and restrictions of running a nonprofit, as well as details about the start-up process. We'll also explain the streamlined process for applying to the IRS for tax exemption.

    "Nonprofit Compliance Made Easy" (Mar. 11) is a hands-on computer lab that will take you to the Websites of the main agencies you must report to, including verifying your compiance, remaining in compliance, and how to return to compliance if you've "strayed."

    What else?
    There's plenty of time for questions and personal attention in these classes, and they include a workbook that Josh has developed over 25 years of teaching.

    Are they well received?
    A class participant sent an email saying, "Thank you for the wonderful seminar." And another wrote, "I really appreciate the time you've taken to answer my questions."

    Another participant called Josh "an excellent and entertaining instructor."

    And another student wrote,

    "I attended your seminar on Starting Your Own Non Profit in April [2010] at Cabrillo College, which I found extremely helpful in the process that is now well underway. Thanks a lot for all your help. You've made this process run very smoothly for me."